The Pros And Cons Of Bollywood

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Thinking of Bollywood brings a dash of colours to our imagination. Bollywood is probably one of the best things to happen to India. Whenever one thinks of India one thing is sure to pop up in their minds- Bollywood. It has brought great fame and attention to our country. It is an industry that young Indians dreams thrives on. Needless to say it is one of India’s attributes. However like everything has its pros and cons so does Bollywood. Let’s admit its cons are rather stupid and make no sense at all. Bollywood can be very eccentric and unreal more often than not. For starters physics does not seem to exist. What is physics? Who is newton? Cars go flying anywhere and everywhere!!!! Just a punch is sufficient to send you flying into space!!! Then why build rockets?? That law of every action having equal and opposite…show more content…
But in Bollywood story line is compared to a safety pin it holds songs emotional scenes and fight scenes together. So once a while when you see some kind of a story popping out in between the movie after a song, the director thinks may be he needs a break. Now, the most important part of Bollywood movies –the songs. Now, contrary to popular believe that songs are made for movies, we believe movies are made for songs. So the concept of movie will change entirely if the song demands it and sometimes the song does not even fit into the situation. Kudos! To anyone who could explain the meaning of lyrics like “dhinkachika”, “dhantedan” and “po”. You can burst into a full on song and dance number in the middle of nowhere and still you don’t need to worry about looking insane because random passer-by on the street are going to join in and they will know all the steps too! And then you magically get transported to beautiful foreign location in expensive designer clothes and continue the same song with people from an entirely different hemisphere of the earth and they know the steps
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