Books Should Be Banned In Schools Essay

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Books have been known to be an excellent source of safeguarding and providing knowledge for a very long time. Even in high schools, it is the role of the teachers to teach and allow the children to read and understand the world a bit better through these books. However, the concept of banning or challenging these books hinders its purpose which is to educate, and represent students in high school who face the issues usually mentioned within its text. According to the American Library Association, a ban is a removal of books, or related materials, through the challenges of a group or a person (ALA, 2017). Usually this takes places for various reasons, specifically for high school students because their parents object to the content of the book…show more content…
Some children who face these problems only get to read about books of an ideal world where none of the problems they face are happening. A book explaining the problems of racism faced by children and adults might exist somewhere out in the world but due to the harsh protest of parents wanting to take the book off the shelves due to discriminatory language involving slurs might not be able to give the right idea of what the people are facing. Books are also a way of preserving culture and ideas. If more students read about the injustices then less will grow to have the same biased opinions as their predecessors. At times, where not knowing enough about both sides of an event some young adults take a strong stance on is based off the opinions of their parents, teachers, or the peers they are surrounded by and if they all have prejudices then it will be hard to learn from the differences then their own research and knowledge and without books there will not be a more child-friendly and easily understandable discrimination of the differences. However, reading books about the problems faced by other people, the children will learn to connect to the ordeals and be more empathetic. It will also help them become good writers themselves (Reimer,

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