The Pros And Cons Of Boollywood Industry In India

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Cricket is one of the famous sport in India. On the other hand bollywood industry is one of the oldest entertainment which is entertaining India since 90’s.
These both industries is the great mean of entertainment for people of India. If any ups and downs are there in any of these fields the people get emotional and happy according to the occasion.
When cricketers and bollywood actors and actress came together then there is lot of excitement in the mind of people like us. We always seen that when glamour meets cricket there is hot news in the town. Yes you are right cricketers are cleaned bowled with the beauty queens of the bollywood and it became the latest news of the town. However, some continue their relationship and took it to another level that is they are happily married and on the other hand some relationship came to an end due to their differences and they continued as friends. Whatever were the reasons, these couples still make interesting news and continues to be in the mind of people for the long time whatever are their relationships consequences.
Top 10 bollywood and cricketers love affairs:

1. Sharmila Tagore & Mansoor Al Khan Pataudi
One of the most talked affair of 90’s was between fromer Indian cricket team captain Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and bollywood fabulous diva of that time Sharmila Tagore. They were the cutest pair of that time.
There love story started through the introduction which was made through common friends and then they fell in love.

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