The Pros And Cons Of Border Patrol Agents

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Did you know theres so many violent cases where Border Patrol agents or BPA for short, don't even get charged for the awful things they do to migrants. The problem that we need to fix is how Border Patrol agents treat migrants or deal with them. We need to stop Border Patrol brutality because out there are being beat or ending up with injuries because of these abusive agents. First and for most, there are too many cases of migrants being beat by Border Patrol officers without getting any consequences. There was a case where a mans face was stepped on and kneed in the ribs after being handcuffed, the man reported it and the case was looked into but nothing was done. That same month and unaccompanied minor complained that a border patrol agent…show more content…
I think them going threw training would be good to both them and the migrants or people in general they bump into. If they got training things like this wouldn't happen as often and also they wouldn't get away with it. Their punishment depends on what the patrol officer did and if their actions were very harmful and lead to serious injury they will loose their jobs and will face further consequences because they have committed a crime so they get no warning just time in jail. They know and are therefor capable of controlling their actions and know what they have done so they will have to face it like everyone else who commits a crime. Like some cases similar to BPA like cops shooting dark skinned people until they're dead is a very similar issue happening where most of the cops don't get consequences but have started to improve on it! Thats what we need to do with the BPA, the cops are getting sent to jail for killing people who were causing no harm to shoot them to death, we need to do the same with Border Patrol officers because if we don't they're gonna think its okay and they can get away with it causing more of them to do violent things towards harmless

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