The Pros And Cons Of Bottled Water

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Bottled water is not a wise consumer choice because of its harmful environmental effects, health concerns and the better alternative solutions we could use in place of bottled water.

It all started when the people of Bundanoon decided that they did not want an extraction plant in their quiet town, they thought that if they did not want an extraction plant there, then why should they sell the bottled water there too.
Another reason they did not want the extraction plant was because it would be extracting water from their aquifer. If to much water is extracted from the aquifer, it would dry up and need to be replaced by new water quickly or it could collapse, leaving people to have to find new places to get clean, fresh water.
Bottled water is harmful to the environment due to the plastic holder that contains the water, is made from chemicals that could make anyone or anything sick. The plastic also takes a very long time to decompose in the earth and you can not burn the plastic without the chemicals in the plastic reacting to the heat, causing a harmful gas that could be fatal if it is breathed in by humans and animals alike. As mentioned in paragraph five in the article “BUNDANOON JOURNAL: Ban on Bottled Water, Apparently a First, Puts a Small Town on a Big Stage.” Huw Kingston, owner of Ye Old Bicycle Shoppe,
“The ban did not start as an environmental crusade, the ban started when a bottling water company sought permission to extract millions of liters of water from the

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