The Pros And Cons Of Boxing

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Boxing is a sport of physical contact that we can refer to as one of the oldest in the world today. Boxing is one type of martial arts, which is done by two people in the ring to fight each other with fists and able to survive attacks from opponents. But, for some people boxing interpreted as violence. There are pros and cons about it. At the first time of the match, according to the history of boxing is popular in Roman, Greek and also in Egypt. Formerly gloves used by boxers made of steel and it is also likely that instantly makes many boxers who die in the arena. One of the most famous boxer when it is Theagenes of Greece that has killed many boxers in the area of the game because he wore iron gloves. The number of boxers who died this makes…show more content…
If the child is a child that is dominant, then maybe the child will hurt his friends and bullying others who are weaker than themselves.
Dangers of boxing is that it can be one of the event gambling and betting.
Yes, gambling is one thing that is not good, because it can spend your money.
Therefore, we recommend that gambling should not be done. But in boxing, gambling is one of the sport 's lives.
Boxing can strengthen leg muscles and arm strength, can make to become more agile in moving, and also can eliminate the calories in the body. It can be done by doing regular exercise. When people do boxing, it can reduce stress with exercise that right, but boxing becomes less good when people become accustomed to boxing. People will carry over into everyday life so do violence to others and tend to be rude to others. Rude attitude tends to be an example for people around and children will generally imitate the actions of adults around them. Everything is back to the private individual in dealing with this case, because almost every sport will have their pros and cons. So we should be doing boxing can do it sufficiently correspond to the boundaries. As well as the person can control themselves, by controlling the strength, stance. So we can get the benefit from
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