Essay On How To Break Up

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Have you ever liked someone so much, that you feel you can never get over them? Too often a break up is made complicated as emotions too easily get in the way of properly dividing yourself from them. Breakups are never easy and it can really hurt a person’s self esteem but you should never let a breakup overwhelm. The only way of becoming at peace again after a breakup is to get over your ex and move on. There are six key ways to get over your ex which are: delete their number, delete and block them from social media, don’t talk to their friends, avoid social gathering you know they’ll be attending, keep calm, and keep away from doing favors for them. The first thing you should do after a break is to delete their number! I say this because most of the time us having their number makes it harder to move on. You most likely talked or texted your ex quite frequently when you two were together, so not hearing from them for a long period of time could take some time to get used to and you’ll most likely be very tempted to hear from them again. The minute you pick up your phone you think back to when you were dating and you would want to call or text and that's a no can do. If they’re the person you usually…show more content…
I am not saying don’t cut everyone off or a friend just because they are friends with your ex. If you knew the friends before you met got with your ex stay friend,but if you met them through your ex make space for a while until you get over your ex. My point being friends with your ex’s just means you have to deal with your ex. If they are friends they will be hanging out with the ex most of the time together.The plan is to distance yourself from them and having mutual friends together puts limits on that.havng the same friends can also cause awkwardness and uncomfortable discussion, For exapmle they might talk about all the great things they have done together and might make you miss and feel the need to get back with
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