The Pros And Cons Of Bretking Smoking

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Report on the background of the ethics violation Even for adults, cigarette smoking is a harmful habit that may lead to a number of fatal diseases. For this reason, most countries regulate its use. There are countries that have made laws that designate smoking zones, such as Kenya (Boseley, 2014). For such a country, it is a crime for a person to smoke cigarettes anywhere else apart from the designated smoking zones. Another way of regulating the use of tobacco products is through regulating its manufacturers’ advertising. There are countries that have put laws in place that ensure that every cigarette-manufacturer’s advertising is accompanied by a warning on the health risks involved in smoking. However, when it comes to targeting children with advertising, even when it is not a dangerous product like cigarettes, nearly every country have a law against it. Children’s impulses are not yet developed and the state reserves the right to protect them from companies that want to exploit their naivety. Yet, Philip Morris Company defied this code and placed adverts that targeted at children in many countries. In 2014, an anti-tobacco report compiled a list of adverts Philip Morris Company that it cited as targeting underage children (Ling, 2012). The company doing the adverts, Philip Morris, was marketing its chief brand, Marlboro. According to the report, Marlboro cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris had breached its ethical code with several adverts that were designed to

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