The Pros And Cons Of Bubble Economy

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Can a bubble economy affect a whole country? Bubble economy is simply a kind of product or an economy market that have a very big price that is way far above its actual values , this process actually goes on and on until people start realizing the truth which is that none of this is going anywhere and they are just spending money on latterly nothing. It feels like a disaster doesn’t it ,well it is a disaster imagine losing your money while you are the one who wanted it and just to gain nothing at all. When they those malls and cities were built it happened so fast not in years or something but they build they place fast enough that surprised people. No one can’t be impressed by those methods as a human , but when you deal with someone who looks at what I will gain from this for real this type of person would have never put his/her money on unrealistic profit. My question above was no joke actually…show more content…
That is how business stuff happens specially marketing; they make things seem very good and wanted so everyone would like to buy and not to just buy one but more than one until people lose their money. What happened in China happened before in Japan and America maybe in the same way, but they said that it was way more in China. It seems wired isn’t it Asians always seem smart enough not to fall in this thing, but I have to say seeing those house makes me want to buy it so much but not living in it is a very wired thing, I mean I have a house it’s very great it’s good enough for me and my way of living why leaving it why not living in it. Bubble Economy was a well known thing that makes a disaster for countries and leads poor people to think of nothing but

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