The Pros And Cons Of Budgeting

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During the past seven weeks, I have learned a lot about myself. From personally logging every penny I spend to picking out personal financial goals, I have really gotten the chance to get in tune with reality. I have been able to reassure myself that my goals are not too farfetched; that they are absolutely attainable as long as I am smart and I work out a plan. In my honest opinion, even though I am an avid planner, plans are nothing short of dreadful because they usually end up squashed. But, I have been inspired by this class to get serious about my future, career, spending, saving, and retirement because you are never too young to start working on these things. By determining where I stand financially, I can list my debts and plan a budget…show more content…
Budgeting has such a negative connotation to it, but the outcome is usually so freeing to the person in action, or so I have heard. Budgeting is basically just a plan to spend your money; it helps to ensure that money is plentiful in the areas most important to you or that you need them to be. There are many ways to budget, but it is important to find the way that best fits your personal situation. The first step to budgeting is nothing other than the dreaded calculation of bills and expenses. For me and most others, the most intimidating part of budgeting is coming to terms with how much you owe everyone. In the meantime, it is crucial to remember that we all have to start somewhere and the only way to remedy the intimidation factor of how much we owe is to figure out how to pay it back, thus budgeting. It really works in a full circle. The next step in the budgeting process is figuring your income, and if you are like me you know this is equally as scary. With these two factors, you are able to determine if you spend more than you make. One of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned came from this class and it is as simple as: you can either change how much comes in or how much goes out. Ever since I heard my instructor say that, it has weighed heavy on my heart. To continue the budgeting process, you must determine your

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