The Pros And Cons Of Building The Border Wall

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Building the border wall has been a big issue going on around the United States, although it is mostly the states that meet with Mexico. The reason why the wall was built along Mexico and the United States border was because they thought this was going to prevent illegal crossings from Mexico into the United States, and so drug trafficking could be stopped. The outcome of the border wall turned out to be a problem for several people living around the border, for others the border wall seemed to be the great thing. People thought this wall was going to protect Americans, and the border was going to be more secure. Unfortunately, the border wall did not help as much like Americans thought it would. Like any other new tryout, it has its benefits and its disadvantages. The border wall was built to prevent drug trafficking, but instead it has made no change in this situation. One example of their disadvantages is that people still tend to cross drugs into the United States without being caught, and this puts people’s lives at risk. When something involves drugs, it involves money, and this makes people want power over everything. Due to this issue, there has been more limits set, and they have more precaution on what’s being brought to the United States. For instance, since…show more content…
Landowners own a great amount of land where they grow their crops, and some of them had to give up their land due to the construction of the wall. Since the wall would interfere with parts of the land, landowners would have to cross the international border in order for them to reach the rest of their land. The federal government would offer money to landowners so they could surrender their property, but sometimes the money the government would offer was far below the market value. Since this was not a fair offer, this issue would be taken to court by the landowners in order for them to fight for their

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