The Pros And Cons Of Bully

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A teenage girl who had sexual relations with another teenage girl’s boyfriend commited suicide. The girlfriend of this teenage boy spread this news of her the girl sleeping with her boyfriend throughout the entire high school. The teenage girl was publicly trashed and shamed in the cafeteria with other classmates joining in. This girls was also followed while walking home and had empty cans thrown at her while she walked home. Little while later after these events the teenage girl hung herself in her bedroom and her body was discovered by her younger sister (Bennett). This victim was underage and just in high school and so were the bullies that tormented her. The bullies verbally abused her for months. Months is long enough to see the pain…show more content…
The actions of these bullies are too severe to not be dealt and prosecuted in court. An example of why bullies should be prosecuted in court is, the victim 's best chance of finding relief and be put at ease is to bring a private suit against the bully. The bully has violated many laws and social media agreements, stalking laws. But the private lawsuit does not give total esurance of relief for the victim because bullying is not against the law. Therefore making bullying illegal is the proper solution (Manuel). The best way of insurance for the victim to be safe and continue to heal and get better. On the way to the result of the bullying the bully violated and broke many laws and probably agreements on social media. Often the result of the bullying is so severe that the bully has violated so many laws that the only way to deal with the bully is in court. One example of why bullies should be prosecuted in court is, defendant intended to cause emotional distress; (2) defendant knew or should have known his or her action would cause emotional distress to plaintiff; (3) defendant 's actions were extreme or outrageous; (4) the defendant 's actions proximately caused the plaintiffs psychological injury; and (5) mental anguish to the plaintiff was so serious in nature that no reasonable man could be expected to endure it

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