Teenage Bullying Research Paper

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A teenage girl who had sexual relations with another teenage girl’s boyfriend commited suicide. The girlfriend of this teenage boy spread this news of her the girl sleeping with her boyfriend throughout the entire high school. The teenage girl was publicly trashed and shamed in the cafeteria with other classmates joining in. This girls was also followed while walking home and had empty cans thrown at her while she walked home. Little while later after these events the teenage girl hung herself in her bedroom and her body was discovered by her younger sister (Bennett). This victim was underage and just in high school and so were the bullies that tormented her. The bullies verbally abused her for months. Months is long enough to see the pain…show more content…
Parents have a hard time realizing what their child is doing or they are the people that molded them to who they are now. An example of the need for holding the parents of these bullies responsible for the actions of their children, extensive research has shown that children 's behavior is channeled through parental conduct. Bullies also have a greater chance of being exposed to domestic violence of maltreatment. Parents who can not resolve conflict well and that use more corporal punishment more often have children who bully. Parents who punish their children when they are angry with extreme emotional outbursts (Garby). Parents of these bullies are the very people that molded them to what they are now and taught them that the way they treat people is okay. All kids grow up and hold on to the skills that parents teach them and that is what these kids are doing. To stop the bullying and help the victims heal people need to get to the direct source... the parents. Another example of why the parents of the bullies need to be held responsible for their children’s actions, “According to the sheriff, the girl 's parents are in total denial about what she did. a If you know your child is abusing drugs and you continue to provide him with a pipe and lighter, you 're contributing to the delinquency of your child." (Are felony charges the right way to wage war on bullying?). Parents even contribute not only before the bullying cases but during and after. They continuously deny and do nothing to change and get in the middle of the situation. A lot of parents still provide the Wi-fi, phone and social media for the use of the cyber-bullying acts. None of these things are often removed from the children’s hands after it is known that that child is bullying. Most parents are even in denial, they simply cannot believe that their child would talk or say those sort of
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