The Pros And Cons Of Bullying

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Everyone has a right to free of speech, to stand up for themselves, no one should be bullied. Yet in the world we live in today you see bullying more and more to the point that young adults are taking their own life or others. As a young adult myself I have the right to stop someone from bullying others. Once you stand up to a bully it can turn on you and that person could start to bully you, the question is will the person who you just stood up for will they stick up for you. That is why people should stick to this quote yet don’t “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. With the quote so many people today remain silent they watch someone get bullied instead of breaking the silence and standing up to the bully. Instead the person being bullied is alone and afraid and feels no one is there friend. Our generation needs to break the silence begin today and end bullying. Don’t just stand there stick up for the person being bullied, don’t be afraid make the person doing the bullying be afraid for you and others around you. Unfortunly I have been bullied, I did stand up for myself so did others. Yet the one thing I did to was go speak to my teacher and principle. To me at that point there was nothing left for the one who was bullying me to. Instead he was one made out to look like bad person he was. As this kid has bullied many other in the past. The question is being he doing it to get attention or a cry for help as he was bullied once

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