The Pros And Cons Of Campus Carry Laws

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The Texas legislature has just recently passed a new law that allows any citizen, who is licensed to carry a weapon, to carry a concealed firearm on a university campus. This law, the Campus Carry law, has caused major distress to ripple through students, faculty, and family of the previous. Many people are concerned over the physical safety of one another, but no one has taken into consideration of the emotional stress this law may put on current college students. College students face the everyday pressure of just merely trying to pass in order to survive college, and “are falling apart from the stress rather than the material” (Bogost par. 14). Therefore, Jen Sorensen, a political cartoonist, proves this statement and challenges the law…show more content…
This person has been drinking to the point where his thoughts have been inhibited and he has drawn his gun in order to try and shoot a cup off of a friends head. Here, Sorensen has emphasized on how absurd the mixture of deadly weapons and college kids really is. In college, it is a natural scene for students to go to parties and intoxicate themselves with alcohol and drugs. By throwing in guns with that mix, Sorensen displays, will be very dangerous. It is for this very reason that “certain concessions in the current bill would still prohibit guns in dormitories, fraternities and sororities, and athletic facilities—an exclusion justified by the possible presence of alcohol in these areas” (Bogost par.…show more content…
They are mainly concerned about the fact that they may not be able to lecture about certain topics, in fear of potentially upsetting a student who could be carrying. In fact, according to Bogost, professors have actually been discouraged to talk about certain topics in order to prevent a serious upset (Bogost par. 4). There have been many professors who have resigned from their positions, at many different universities, because of the new policy. Many argue it is not reasonable and claim that it is hindering the first amendment. However, the argument with that is supporters of the gun law will claim that it is well within their right to express their right to bear arms (Bogost par. 9).
Jen Sorensen is a political cartoonist, who writes and publishes cartoons for the Daily Kos. Daily Kos is an online political community that allows not only their own writers to publish their cartoons or articles, but also have many political leaders who post their own work. To name a couple of examples, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama stand as credible sources and allow the website to seem more credible in their information. Sorensen’s cartoon, therefore, is legitimized due to the credible sources and fellow
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