The Pros And Cons Of Canadian Universal Healthcare

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Canadian Universal Healthcare Healthcare in the United States is currently called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Since the new administration, there leaves a lot of uncertainty if one will still be able to obtain health insurance in the years to come. If the United States could learn from other countries on how to improve our existing PPACA, it may be very advantageous to the United States. As far as universal health Care in North America, Canada has offered this for many decades, and the people of Canada have a reassurance that their medical needs are taken care of. I will briefly discuss the Canadian universal healthcare cost, the efficiencies, and if Canadian healthcare is better than the (PPACA) in the United States. …show more content…

For instance, some downfalls include minimal access to prescription drugs and long waits for the treatment of non-life threatening procedures (LJones, 1998). The main reason why Canada’s healthcare system is effective is because all people are covered. Each citizen or resident of Canada actively participates in the cost for their care (Lammers, 1998). Also, the Canadian universal healthcare system is effective because the doctors and staff have little administrative duties to handle. For example, they do not need to fill out insurance paperwork, which gives the doctors more time to care for their patients (Bouzane, 2011). This high level of efficiency saves an average of $27 million dollars annually (Bouzane, …show more content…

From my personal experience, I believe that Canada offers a less stressful healthcare system than the United States. I’m a Canadian citizen and was hospitalized a few times in a local hospital in Toronto, Ontario and I never had to stress about getting the care I needed. On no occasion, did I ever have to stress about paying any additional expenses for hospital care in Canada. Now that I live in the United States, my friends and family struggle everyday to pay for their healthcare along with the substantially high deductibles. Also, my friends and family worry that they can go bankrupt in the event of an-foreseen health issue (Nader, 2013). In Canada, the people do not stress about extra healthcare costs, this thought process is non-existent (Nader, 2013). In addition, the Canadian healthcare system caters to the people and not for profit, unlike the United States (Nader, 2013). Also, in Canada your healthcare benefits stay with you for your entire life (Nader, 2013). However, in the United States people are at risk of losing health coverage in the event one can no longer afford their insurance premiums (Nader,

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