The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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Death penalty or the capital punishment is the harshest punishment the authority can give to a crime, there have been many debates on many aspects of the element of the death penalty whether on philosophical aspect such as is it really a good thing to kill the people who killed other to show that killing is wrong and is it morally right, or on religious aspect such as god give us this life so the state shouldn’t take this life god gave us furthermore the act of taking a life go against almost every religion on earth and even on a legal aspect since the person on death row might be falsely accused and if the act of execution is done there will be no going back, and death sentence seem like an “eye for an eye” type of punishment(such as cutting off the hand of the thief for stealing) but it has been proven many times before this type of punishment doesn’t work .This report is made as part of SPD 202 as of why death penalty should be considered as social problem.

Since the death penalty concern the matter of life and death of a person, the execution of an innocent person isn’t simply a tragedy it is a major false from both the state and the institute of justice. There have been many reports of false execution coming from all over the world. Take Jesse-Tafero case for example he was accused and executed via electric chair back in May 1990, he was accused of killing 2 Florida highway officers, but later on in 1992 the whole case was overturned when crime scene
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