The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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The capital punishment is the process by which a person is confined to death for committing a crime. Since the start of the civilization of several countries, the capital punishment has become a controversial issue of whether it should be abolished or not. The capital punishment, or called the death penalty, is in the form of execution. The execution method has changed from using electric chairs in the past to lethal injection nowadays (Welsh, 2003). People who support the usage of death penalty say that the capital punishment is the best way to deter people from committing crimes, while those who oppose the death penalty believes that an alternative punishment should be applied instead of enforcing death penalty. It is correct to say that the capital punishment has its own advantages, but this article suggests that the abolishment of the death penalty is essential so as to eliminate its disadvantages.

The first argument is that the government bears a financial burden when enforcing capital punishment. The required amount for executing people may seem much lower than that of keeping them in jail. Nevertheless, the fact is that the cost of confining a person to death is much higher than keeping him/her in jail for life. The difficult determination of whether the person to be executed is innocent or not attributes mostly to the unexpected high cost of the death penalty. For the purpose of minimizing the number of mistakes, experienced judges, lawyers and jury are required in

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