Carbon Sink Advantages And Disadvantages

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Climate change and global warming is the changes in the earth’s weather, wind patterns and rainfall. These changes are the result of increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere which is caused by the increase of particular gases, especially carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a vital gas for plant life on earth and is formed during respiration. Although there are two types of carbon sinks- man-made and natural, in this essay, I will focus on one natural carbon sink- forests, however, I will give a brief insight into another carbon sink. Firstly, I will introduce and discuss forest as my chosen carbon sink, how it works in relation to soaking up carbon dioxide and how it benefits the environment. Secondly, the pros and cons of this carbon sink will be analyzed. Thirdly, I will acknowledge another form of carbon sink which is the ocean, and will describe its role as a carbon sink as well as the impact carbon dioxide has on the ocean. Lastly, to conclude I will give my opinion. Forests as a carbon sink and importance to the environment The carbon cycle is fundamental to life on Earth. Forests regulate the earth’s temperature, the weather patterns as well as the global carbon cycle, and they…show more content…
Forests store carbon dioxide as they grow and mature, yet when they are degraded or cleared, by means of deforestation, the carbon stored is released back into the atmosphere. Deforestation causes soil erosion, habitat destruction and loss of biological diversity. It destroys the habitats of millions of species which could lead to their extinction, also causing destruction in the biological food chains and balance of the ecosystems. Deforestation leaves soil bare to erosion and leaching. This will lead to the soil losing its fertility over time. Most importantly the removal of trees in forests adds to the high levels of carbon dioxide and when there is too much of this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, global warming may
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