The Pros And Cons Of Career Counseling

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INTRODUCTION Every single person in the world has a problem that lies within their lives. Most people think of a solution to overcome such problems. They sometimes figured out themselves changing their perspectives on how they view things that they have been through and yet some of them chooses to keep it to themselves to prevent criticism from other people. Problems may have overshadowed the positive things, however, there is a certain person who will lead and guide you to conquer negativities in life and they are the counselors. Counselors are licensed professional beings that guide a person or a group of people who are going through a certain situation in their lives. They serve as an assistance to their client to overcome its…show more content…
They are the one who needs the assistance of counsellors when their attempts to cope with their problem is no longer effective. (Dela Cruz et al.) Counselees can be anyone, who need/want to address its certain personal issues. In fact, they need to be transparent for them to be understood and helped by the counselors. Moreover, they have to open their hearts and minds in order to solve their problem. The various counseling needs that emerge in different background define the career opportunities and specialization of counselors. It includes career counseling, child and adolescent counseling, group counseling, marriage and family counseling, mental health counseling and school counseling. Career Counseling is a progressing and challenging field of counseling wherein counselees need help to guide them to decide and plan for their career. (Dela Cruz et al., 2016) Career counseling for everyone who needs a guide with the path they are going to take to achieve for what they are aiming to become as the next generations’ future and this is usual on graduating students. Thus, career counseling is a way of choosing your path career intellectually. Child and Adolescent Counseling is an evolving aspect of expertise in the counseling professional and counseling strategies target on helping children and adolescents obtain coping skills, emotional and intellectual intelligence and positive relationship. (Dela Cruz et al., 2016) Adolescent…show more content…
Group Counseling refers to group of people that have the same cases to relate with one another so that they could build confidence to themselves. (Dela Cruz et al., 2016) Group Counseling should be on a good process or set-up because it must be exclusive and it will pay much attention to group of people with the same cases. These days, group counseling is so important especially to those who seeks people who has the same case as them. (e.g., drugs, alcohol or gambling addiction). In group counseling, client’s are required to share their own experiences and realizations. This way, each client is able to reflect on what the other client says. Marriage and Family Counseling encourages couple or family to reestablish the shattered relationships. (Dela Cruz et al., 2016) In marriage counseling, couples with misunderstandings are given the advice and assistance suitable for their situation but it doesn't necessarily mean that they have to follow it. The decision is still up to them. Mental Health Counseling displays through the challenges showed by the counselee with mental disorder including stress, anxiety, depression, insanity and schizophrenia. (Dela Cruz et al., 2016) Mental Health Counseling is one of the essential field in counseling. It displays different challenges to the Counselor and Counselee. It focuses on people who suffers with mental illness and the counselor must help the counselee to address it with the counselee’s

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