The Pros And Cons Of Careers In The Medical Career

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In the medical field, there are many types of jobs to choose from and they all require diffrent things from you, but what really makes the job worth it is if you enjoy what you do and can look past the negatives of it. Many factors, including education, skill, salaries, job duties, job benefits and job drawbacks will help you choose between the multitudinous numbers of careers in the healthcare world. While researching, I found that Endocrinologist, Phlebotomist, and Dental Hygienist were all excellent careers that met positive results for all of the factors listed above. Endocrinology is the career that requires the most schooling and training, but it is also the one that I think will be the most enjoyable because I have a great love for biological sciences, and there is a lot of biology required in this career path. I also chose this career because it will allow me to help other kids and adults that may have turner syndrome or other disorders of the endocrine system, so I will find it very relatable and will already have some experience with the issues and concerns the patients may have. Their salary is approximately $181,456 annually, and it usually stays the same except that does not include any overtime or salary raises that may have occured during the year. The least an Endocrinologist earns in a year would be roughly $140,000, and that is possibly just for newer, less experienced Endocrinologists. More experienced and educated Endocrinologists may get more annual

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