The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone Addiction

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As a fairly new technology, cellphones have become an essential to the everyday life of many individuals. More often then not, cellphones are what can make an individual successful or not. This meaning cellphones could make or break a career advancement, the wellbeing of an individual, or keeping children entertained while their parents are tending to errands or chores. In many situations, though, individuals become rapped up in the bells and whistles located in these devices we hold near and dear to our lives. Thus, I stand firmly resolved in an idea of which cell phone usage has progress to the point it does meet the definition of an addiction because its similarities with other types of addictions, the struggles associated with overcoming…show more content…
When considering different types of addictions, it can be seen some of the most common addictions are drugs, alcohol, sexual intercourse, shopping, and working. Drug addictions occur when the brain is actively seeking drugs and is wanting to receive a high, or a “feel good” sensation, from their use (“Drug Abuse and Addiction”). When comparing cell phone usage and drug abuse, in both situations both provide a dopamine release (Gutiérrez et al). Given this fact, it can be seen in which excessive cell phone usage provides a feel good…show more content…
One suggestion to stop this developing addiction is to shut off or take away the device for a specified period of time. This would force teenagers to physically interact with the world around them rather than just through technology (Wallace). Slowly decreasing the amount of time the teen has with their device, the more likely they are to not depend upon it. The same is true with adults. It is said 92% of teens have online access; in this, the most common social media platform being Facebook at 71%. This is continued by Instagram at 52% and Snapchat at 44% (“Teen Cell Phone Addiction”). Another suggestion for hindering excessive cell phone usage is to remove these distracting applications. This would allow the user to avoid automatically going to these applications. This is also a tie to the out of sight, out of mind idea; removing applications from the forefront is what can hinder excessive amounts of time spent

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