The Pros And Cons Of Challenges In The Great Gatsby

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The more opportunities we get growing up, allows us to receive more opportunities to grow as individuals. With this being said, during these opportunities we may experience challenges and hardships that allow us to learn important lessons for life. Throughout the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the protagonist, Jay Gatsby is seen battling and encountering various types of limitations that have impacted his life significantly. However, the limitations Gatsby is confronted with, puts him at a significant disadvantage throughout life. [The most crucial challenge Gatsby faces initially]--> Initially, the most crucial challenge that Gatsby is faced with is his financial struggle at the young age of seventeen, which led to the result of him being a teenage runaway. is his financial struggle when he was a runaway at the age of seventeen. At this point in time, Gatsby had…show more content…
Gatsby felt that wealth was [the main component behind all his problems] the main factor that was behind his problems , especially the impact it had on his relationship. However, it becomes evident that this is not the case later on in the novel. Although Gatsby had to deal with these disadvantages, he chose to lighten his life by chasing after his dreams and made the choice to never let them go. Gatsby gets to experience the true impact of chasing after an unrealistic dream. By chasing after the dream of winning Daisy’s love back, Gatsby was blinded by love which caused him to be unable to come to terms with reality and the true limitations that were in his life, this resulted in an abrupt end to his own life. Fitzgerald, emphasizes the impact of chasing unrealistic dreams when an individual does not realize the , and the outcome of losing a grasp with reality because the perusement of these dreams will be at the expense of our true happiness, which will overall lead to an unsatisfying
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