The Pros And Cons Of Cheating

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Cheating is to be allowed? I think all people 's first reaction is "no". All along, the cheating is defined as a bad behavior. Cheating means that dishonest behavior. Also means that knowledge is not good. But for the things of judgment is not set in stone. In some cases of plagiarism is also learning process. All public schools the importance of performance is one of the most important features. Because the achievement is the only school currencies and commodities, they are used for incentives and punishment. They are an important part of student 's portfolio and may affect their future. Education workers might try to emphasize the value of "learning" level, but this is a complete farce. When learning does not represent the corresponding scores, students do have deceived feeling system, become indifferent. This is similar to tell workers at McDonald 's, they should be more concerned about the…show more content…
Students in the learning process will receive a lot of knowledge. Each student has different knowledge of interest. There are a lot of students are interested in a certain aspect, keep learning through research, will become experts in this area. And the test could tend to student 's thought. The content of the exam is very limited. Students in order to gain a good score on the exam, and recognized by the school. Will only learning examination will appear. The passage of time will ignore the cultivation of the students ' divergent thinking. The main opposition to cheat in school is immoral, promoted the bad habits, affect self-esteem by implementing a unearned rewards. These concerns are even remotely, because without considering the environment. Children are often rounded up and placed in an organization; they are a hierarchy, from the bottom of the place. Like the hostages, they are captive, even if they are not of the body. They deprived of any power in their own life, including the ability to pursue their own interests, and by a barrage of test results for each
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