The Pros And Cons Of Cheating In Sports

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Cheating in school and sports are considered very unethical and controversial. The articles explain the downside, and the negative effects of cheating. The sources used for credible information are from an Associate Dean of Education at the University of Florida and a professor at Arizona State University. The sources helped formulate the opinion that cheating educational and sports wise is unacceptable. Many famous athletes have been caught cheating by using steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Using performance enhancing drugs can boost the overall ability of an athlete as it promotes muscle growth and increases an athlete’s endurance. Lance Armstrong was a seven time Tour de France winner. After Armstrong was tested positive for performance enhancing drugs which increased his stamina, he was stripped off of his seven tour de france titles. Since Armstrong had his Tour de France titles taken away from him, “..they were not awarded to anyone else because... well, everyone else was also under “a cloud of suspicion”” (Allenby). This shows that athletes will lose recognition for titles they have worked hard for, all because of doping with performance enrichments. The fear of losing is a main…show more content…
Although cheating in sports is different then cheating in school, they both have the same ending consequence. The consequence is that someone will never reach their full capability of success by cheating. Athletes will continuously end up being caught taking performance enhancements and students at universities will be caught plagiarizing or cheating in some other way. These people might have success and fame for a short amount of time, but it will never last. All the work and time they have put in to be the best they can be will all vanish just by making the mistake to cheat not only others, but
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