The Pros And Cons Of Cheerleading

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Whenever someone says sports, it's always basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, or lacrosse that comes to a person's mind, but it's never cheerleading. This may be because cheerleaders don’t: throw, kick, or hit a ball around. Even though cheerleading doesn’t include a ball doesn’t mean it isn’t a sport. Cheerleaders may not pass balls around to each other, but we lift girls who are over a hundred pounds. I don’t think there’s any difference between cheerleading and the “regular sports” except for the fact that the other sports include balls, but cheerleading involves pretty much the same things as other sports: passion, strong, and amusing. Cheerleading is most definitely a sport because we put in just as much effort as other sports players,…show more content…
However, that is not true because the girls do compete against other teams at competition which is one of the many reasons why cheerleading is a sport. Competition is where the girls compete against other teams and the girls do get graded. They also get medals for first, second, and third place. Cheerleading isn’t a sport where two teams compete against each other and there's a set score at the end like 25 to 10. The girls do get graded on how clean their stunts, tumbling, and foundation is. There’s also more than two teams competing against each other. Lastly, the girls win in place of first, second, and third instead of just one team winning. To summarize this paragraph, cheerleading does compete against other teams even though there isn’t just one score of how many times a team scores against the other.
To summarize this essay, cheerleading is most definitely a sport because it has all the requirements to classify as a sport, physical activity, and competitions. Cheerleading is an interesting sport and some of the things the girls do are incredible. Cheerleading should get more recognition and be on the television more than when there's nationals. What these girls can pull off is truly amazing. Finally, cheerleading is most definitely a sport and it deserves more
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