The Pros And Cons Of Chewing Gum In School

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Chewing gum has always been against school rule ,but it is time for that to change. Schools should give students the right to chew gum and this project will provide concepts as to why. It is actually proven to help children academically. The infinite amount of individuals who are oblivious to the advantages of gum is nonsense. Chewing gum has been a controversial issue ever since it was invented in 1848, because people do not know the benefits of it. There are far more pros than cons to chewing gum than most people think.
A majority of teachers have banned gum in the school setting. These concerns, center around the notion of maintaining cleanliness in the classroom, more specifically, students sticking gum under the desks or on the floor. This seems to be facilitated by gum restriction in the first place. In other words, if chewing gum were allowed, students would not have to hide it from teachers and staff. Students would get rid of their gum responsibly if it were accepted. Therefore, the concerns of cleanliness would no longer be an issue. “It's something that I really don't see an issue. In my former district I spent five years there and we didn't have a single problem with gum.”( Epping Middle
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Gum can also ease away some stress and anxiety. “Children learn through their senses – and oral activity can be very calming,” said Cybulski. The act of chewing gum also provides constant sensory input to the muscles in the jaw and ears and we find it helps children to concentrate better.”(Pooley.2013). This comforts adolescents who suffer from fidgeting, or who have trouble paying attention. It could also aid children who suffer from ADD or ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), with having something to keep them occupied but also benefiting them will help further their

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