The Pros And Cons Of Child Abuse

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Children are being abuse all over the world but we have many departments that are working to help stop child abuse. Children who have experienced any type of child abuse, can have reactions to it that can last for a lifetime. Helping families get the services they need can help so the child stays at home. Child abuse is when a parent or guardian purposely tries to endanger or hurt the child in away way, shape or form between the ages 0-18. “Child abuse is also called cruelty to children, the willful infliction of pain and suffering on children through physical, sexual, or emotional mistreatment” (Jenkins 1). “Child abuse often is overlooked by family, friends, and health professionals” (Jenkins 1) meaning it could be misinterpreted by some,…show more content…
Physical abuse is the most common type of abuse which is when the parent or guardian causes physical harm to the child such as burning, hitting, beating, breaking bones, etc. “Some examples are verbal abuse are belittling them and threatening physical or sexual act upon the child.” (Psychology Today 1) “Signs that a child who have been abuse may show injuries if it was physical abuse. Signs that can point to sexual abuse are fearful behavior (nightmares, depression, and abdominal pain. Signs that can point to a child who has experienced emotional abuse or neglect are sudden changes in a child’s self-confidence and the child experiencing failure to gain weight.” (Psychology Today…show more content…
“Estimates of abuse or neglect by parents or guardians range from about one in every hundred to more than one in every seven, and figures are far higher if emotional abuse and neglect are included” (Jenkins 1), that means the rate of children being abused is rising. “Abuse is more common toward children who were born premature, low birth weight, or have developmental disabilities.” (Westby 140+). “The child being abuse can have major consequences, including delays in physical growth, impaired language and cognitive abilities, and problems in personality development, learning, and behavior” (Jenkins 1), and depending on how serious the abuse is and the type of abuse, it could result in death to the child. There are many departments working to help lower and stop child abuse. There is DHS which is the Department of Human Services, DCFS, which is the Department of Children and Family Services, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Child Welfare Services, and much more. “Child Welfare Services focuses on providing services to families in order to keep children safe and build upon strengths to ensure families can be successful without government intervention. DHS, DCFS, and DHHS all provide assistants to families in which child abuse occurred to prevent
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