The Pros And Cons Of Child Abuse And Neglect

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More than four children die a day from child abuse and neglect; over 70% of these children are under the age of three. Abuse that is visible on the body creates easy detection, but sometimes there are forms that cannot be visually observed. Fortunately, it is possible to detect when someone needs help. When the abuser is a parent or relative, the child often feels confused and ashamed. Consequently, when this is the case, they are hesitant to speak up. According to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, when abuse is reported, Child Welfare Systems investigate possible child abuse and neglect. They provide supplemental services to families that need assistance protecting and caring for their children. (“What Happens Once Abuse and/or Neglect is Reported?”) Foster care is an option, which can be defined as when a child is taken care of for a period of time by another adult because the birth parents of the child can’t provide for his or her needs. When a child is removed, the system must do its job to ensure they provide the child with all their basic necessities. (“What is Foster Care”) It is important to provide the child with required assistance and positive guidance. Some examples include sending them to…show more content…
Some examples include: “shows little concern for the child, appears unable to recognize physical or emotional distress in the child, denies that any problems exist at home or school, or blames the child for the problems, severely limits the child's contact with others, and offers conflicting or unconvincing explanations for a child's injuries or no explanation at all.” Some children overcome the physical and psychological effects of child abuse. These are children with strong social support who can adapt and cope with bad experiences. Unfortunately, most often child abuse may result in physical, behavioral, emotional, or mental issues, even years later.” (“Child
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