The Pros And Cons Of Child Immigrants

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Child immigrants are the fastest-growing group, by percentage, in the US, even outdoing native-born children. The amount of immigrant children in the US is 19.6%, about a third and a half of the native-born children, at 72.9%. That’s pretty big! Many of these first-generation immigrants are coming to the US because of unstable conditions in their homeland and prosperity in the other territory they might even get deported from, even though they could be better. This dilemma that is so big it sparks controversy over the news agencies and politics, could easily be solved by making people in Central America more aware that Canada wants more people as it’s aging population demands for a new workforce to build up the country. What is this problem? And where does it come from? Many immigrants are risking their lives for a better opportunity they may not even receive, and if they do, lack the resources to do so. In this area, unaccompanied child immigrants are coming in larger numbers to the US. Basically, “Children and youth living in immigrant families are the fastest growing group of American children”(¨Immigrant Children¨). Many immigrant children are trekking to the United States. They are coming so fast there growth rate in percentage of first-generation immigrant children has gone up 7% since 2010. That’s a sharp increase. The reason why the percent of children are coming is so big is because of the laws protecting children from potential deportation made from 2008
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