Essay On Cesarean Section

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Childbirth is a normal part of everyone’s lives. All humans are delivered through childbirth, and those who are born grow into a toddler, a child, a teen and to an adult. While the most known method is vaginal birth, sometimes this does not work because of dangers. The Cesarean section is a type of surgery where the baby is extracted from the abdomen. This method can come with benefits; but with many consequences as well.

The C section (as it is often called) is where the delivery of a baby happens through the mother’s abdomen. This type of surgery is usually planned beforehand which will be told by the doctor. A C section is needed in multiple situations. For example, if a person is giving birth and a sudden problem occurs such as the baby is unable to move in the birth canal or the cervix refuses to open, then an unplanned C section is used. Another reason is that perhaps the mother has already had more than one C
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There are also emergency C sections - ones that are definitely needed. If the infant’s heart rate seems suspicious during the delivery, the doctors will think that the baby cannot last during labor for so long and perform a C section for safety. Another situation is that if the umbilical cord gets out the cervix first; this means that the baby might not have enough oxygen to be delivered through vaginal birth. If the woman has had a C section already, she should get C section for her new birth because her previous scar might open up during vaginal delivery. C section is also used if the woman has had a surgery on her uterus (1). If the woman has sickness like diabetes or genital herpes, it can also affect the childbirth, so surgery can prevent problems. If the placenta is affected negatively it can cause bleeding and make things dangerous for vaginal birth. Placenta gives the baby necessary nutrients to survive. Sometimes the dangers are within the baby itself. The baby can be too large to pass through the cervix and
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