American Education Advantages

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I just saw a news a few days ago, a boy because he copied the other students in class assignments, with a belt in front of the class by the teacher slapped the boy, and finally the boy who was sent to the hospital. With the development of time, more and more Chinese come to the United States to study because they think the American education is better than education in China. A Chinese proverbs states that it is better to travel ten thousand miles than read ten thousand books. With the improvement of people's living standards, more people have not been satisfied with the status quo. Once, the parents did not pay much attention to children's study, but now all parents have high expectations for their children. With infinite expectation of parents,…show more content…
If u can’t communicate with students well that u can’t education well, It's a vicious circle. Instead, American teachers tend to build relationships with students. American teachers hope that students will fully integrate into the classroom teaching and communicate with teachers and classmates. Students can speak without raising their hands. Every student has his or her own opinion, whether it's right or wrong, and it's important to express your opinion. The class atmosphere is relaxed, humorous and active. It’s better to communicate and education.This is not the case in China's general classroom. The students are more serious sitting, listening carefully, taking notes, the atmosphere of the class is also serious. In addition to the classroom atmosphere and teachers' requirements for students, the teaching methods of Chinese and foreign teachers are very different. Chinese teachers are more about teaching students. Our assessment of teachers is also the word "evangelism", "teaching", "dissolving" and "learning high". It…show more content…
Therefore, there is a general phenomenon of teacher's continuous explanation, writing, and students' notes. , however, the foreign teacher's class, the teacher is to guide students thinking and expression, is to develop student's or students as the dominant class teacher not speaking up in class, the teacher just provide subject and guide the people to discuss. Students are the subject of lectures and discussions in class. All of these differences are fundamentally different from the education concept in China and the west. In the Chinese education concept, knowledge is very important. The ancients told us to "travel ten thousand miles, break ten thousand books". The purpose of education is to make students master knowledge. The education concept and education goal in the west are to cultivate students' creative thinking and critical thinking. Second, I want talk about teacher’s punishment and violence. In china,When Chinese teachers face the low quality of students, teachers in some language phenomena often appear in the process of education, especially when students errors or repeated violation of school discipline, many teachers often cannot control their

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