The Pros And Cons Of Christopher Columbus

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The name Christopher Columbus is best known by most for being one of the greatest explorers in American history. Columbus was also best known as being an expert seaman and navigator in his time. He is credited, as we know today, with discovering America. In the year of 1492, Columbus' fleet of three ships set sail to discover new land. Who would have thought that this journey would make a forever bookmark in the history of mankind, as well as change the world from that point forward?
Although Columbus is still recognized today for the discovery of America, we now know that he in fact was not actually the first person to make the voyage to the new land.There is profound evidence that exists that another adventurer did in fact make the same journey from Europe to
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One advantage to Columbus discovering the new land was he was able to make trade possible with Europe. The transfer of food, animals, gold and silver

greatly benefited Europe. The European people also used the new land to grow crops such as coffee and sugar that allowed them to increase their profit as well as improve the quality of life for the European people.
However, the disadvantage to the new discovery was felt severely by those who inhabited the land before Columbus arrived, the native people. Once the new population invaded their land, many of the Indian population died from exposure to diseases and many other illnesses that they had never come in contact with before then, as well as having their land overtaken by the countless number of Europeans.
Many native men, women and children were also captured and brought back to
Europe to be used as slaves under Columbus’ command.
Over the years, Christopher Columbus has been viewed both as a heroic explorer by some, and yet as a dishonest and greedy man by others. In my opinion,
I choose to view his achievements as a very important part of our nation’s history.
Yes, he may have had his own personal agendas in mind when he set out on
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