The Pros And Cons Of Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus, an Italian sailor, known as a navigator, colonizer, and inventor. Columbus computation error for an expedition to the East Indies resulted in his appearance in Espanola. Columbus used technology available to him in the 1400’s. Today sailor has technology far superior to Columbus day. Therefore, if Christopher Columbus had the chance to use the technology that is being used today, the difficulty would have prevented. Christopher Columbus used technology available to him in the 1400’s he use an Hourglass to know how sailors in the Columbus era knew what time it was, Telescope to see a land from a far distance, Lunar Calendar App to show the moon, Quadrant to take measurements of altitudes, Sandglass to see what…show more content…
The new technology that's being used are Norcross Depth Sounder, GPS, Power Cells, Creature Comforts, Radio, and Outboard Engines. Ships today have bolt-on deep and shoal draft keels with bulbs and wings and deep spade rudders which kept the boat upright and tracking these days and Sat Phones as well as wifi technology for today's sailors came in very handy the navigation isn't the only thing that has benefited from accessible satellites. The long distance communications have open up plus cruising and added safety and convenience. The sat phones are the type of devices that can send emails, so the days of world sailing and waiting until the next port to get in touch with your family are just plain gone. Let's not forget the proliferation of widely-available, reliable and often free Wifi you can send emails from most harbors around the world, which means Bluewater sailing has become less daunting and more appealing to those who don’t want to drop out the society when sailing to distant horizons. Every boat has a, GPS in 2016, which is one innovation power boaters and sailors, GPS has been the single, most redefining elements of modern boating. Power cells are a wet cell batteries that have the workhorse of the ship's electrical system, but since they require maintenance they must be installed in accessible space- a premium on a sailboat. Other
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