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For a Chromebook, it’s striking, smart, and unlike anything Google has previously made. Should this powerful and pricey machine be your new daily companion? Chromebooks have been mostly budget-friendly computers aimed towards school kids and frugal techies. Google may be exploring a new niche with the Pixelbook, a sleek laptop that comes with a hefty price tag. Is this ultra-thin, 2-in-1 machine a capable rival against other more popular laptop-tablet hybrids (e.g. Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro), though? A Surprising, New Direction The Pixelbook is Google’s third attempt at its Chromebook Pixel laptops. This time around, the tech giant is taking on a new design and approach. While the first two Pixel laptops weren’t mediocre machines by any stretch of the…show more content…
It’s made of aluminum with a generous dose of striking symmetry throughout. It also has a glass shade on the back of the screen that sort of mirrors the ones you find on Pixel phones. Overall, it’s simply gorgeous. Flip the screen over and the beautiful laptop turns into an amazing tablet. It may not be the most groundbreaking of designs, but it impresses just as well when you see the Pixelbook do its thing. A Hybrid Machine Unlike Any Other The Pixelbook’s immediate rivals —the Surface Pro and iPad Pro—are basically tablets with attachable keyboards and stylus. On the other hand, the latest Google laptop is essentially a touchscreen laptop that doubles as a tablet. Like most convertible laptops, Pixelbook’s screen flips around a full 360° whenever it goes into tablet mode. What’s unique with the high-end Chromebook is that you can angle it so the keyboard doubles as a stand. This versatility in form makes it quite convenient to kick back and watch a movie on the Pixelbook. That’s certainly a huge upgrade over its predecessor, the Chromebook Pixel 2, which couldn’t readily transform into a tablet. Better
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