The Pros And Cons Of Citizens Of The United States

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The diverse people of the United States of America are generally privileged and lazy, failing to meet even their own expectations. With the USA 's venerable history, it has become a nation of complacent prats and supercilious and gluttonous drones. In the USA citizens are entitled to food, shelter and an education, an education that is rarely utilised to its fullest extent. One statistic that supports this is that the USA rates 36th among top countries in average reading, science, and mathematics 2012 PISA scores. Citizens of the USA have the freedoms to live the way they want without infringing on the rights of others however, instead of implementing them they sit back and watch life unfold. They have come to be the paragon of sloth, justifying their decision to be so by thinking of themselves as a "cog in the machine".…show more content…
Their obesity continues to cause problems for the country as a whole and is commonly considered a health epidemic. Some of them claim to follow a religion, and fail to even address that they fail to respect that said religion makes gluttony and a lack of moderation a sin. The fall of the traditional marriage in the USA has caused large issues on its own, as children from single parent families have been statisticly proven to be more likely to commit suicide, be impregnated during their teenage years, participate in substance abuse, go to prison, and run away from home.They have even made many attempts to acquire the major assets of the world, renewable or otherwise, in an attempt to secure their way of life for themselves and their
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