The Pros And Cons Of Clean Water

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Our topic is clean water and sanitation. The product is a tablet that turns any type of substance into clean substance. The water can be sea water, sewage water or any other dirty water. The tablet dissolves into the liquid and releases some of the chemicals to purify the water instantly. The filthiness in the substance will then sink to the bottom, where the other chemicals in the tablet will absorb all the dirt. In this way, the water is completely clean and fresh. Billions of the population around the world receive unequal access to clean water to consume. In 2015, 663 million people did not acquire fresh water and were forced to drink from unprotected sources. Majority of the nations do not receive clean water such as sub Saharan Africa, India, China and other countries. There is a pattern or distinction which can be seen by all the countries listed above. They are either over populated, under developed or poor in terms of economy. Many people and families in the sub Saharan Africa region spend a minimum of 30 minutes to collect water. Water is not easily accessible to them. In addition, it is not always guaranteed they will obtain drinkable water. If they are not able to get fresh water in proximity to them, then they will need another solution to their current situation which is more convenient. Although 70 percent of the the earth is water, only 2.5 percent is freshwater, the rest is sea water. Furthermore, due to high

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