Tropical Forests Essay

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Tropical forests refer to a very wet place which experiences heavy rainfall either throughout the year or seasonally. These forests are usually located near the equator where there is an abundance of sunlight and warmth. The temperatures here are usually uniformly high registering between 20 to 35°C. As a result of the high rainfall and sunlight, tropical forests are evergreen all year round (WWF, 2016).
Besides beautifying the area its located in with greenery, tropical forests have many other key roles in this globe. However, even with such importance, tropical forests around the world are still being cleared at unprecedented rates, especially over the last century. These forests are usually cleared to make way for human activities and with
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The three groups are ecological services, social benefits and biological resources. Tropical forests most importantly provide us with some critical life sustaining ecological services. Services like oxygen production, water purification, climate moderation, conversion of solar energy from the sun into carbohydrates and proteins, soil formation and greenhouse gas removal (Biodiversity BC, 2007). Though these services can be provided by green plants in general, through its large presence all around the world, tropical forests play a key part in contributing and maintaining these ecological…show more content…
The colour and width of the arrows show the potential and intensity of the two various factors (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005, pg. 19).
Though conservation is simply looked to as the first answer by most when it comes to the topic of excessive tropical forest deforestation. Many fail to see that when these management strategies clash with human interest, then is when the real problem arises. Moreover, all three impact groups mentioned earlier under the impacts from tropical forests deforestation can easily be related back to economic impacts.
Deforestation is usually done to make way for human activities and is mainly carried out in exchange for economic profit where money always has the upper hand in an

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