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Research topic: Pros and Cons of using Clicker Thesis statement: This study seeks to identify the positive and negative impacts of clicker for college students. I. Introduction. 1.1 What is a Clicker? A Clicker is a device designed for students and teachers for a new method of learning and teaching experience for them. It is a technology that can automatically record the students’ performances in the class. This device is being used by some schools in this country. It was said that there are lots of advantages in using the clicker device. There are also disadvantages in using the device. 1.2 The advantages of the device is that it will improve the students’ performance. It also says that learning with the device is going to be fun and motivating for students. It allows the teachers to identify which among the students understands and do not understand the lessons. There are also a few disadvantages. The disadvantage of the device is that the price is very expensive. Another disadvantage is that it will lessen the interaction or communication between the students and the teacher. The importance…show more content…
In addition to shedding new light on how this tool is being used by faculty and its corresponding perception by students, we wish to use these data to study how faculty and student will behave in class with the use of the said device. Students and teachers including parents attitude is strongly impacted by the extent to which the school encourage and succeed in generating peer-discussion during the administration of clicker questions. Students have a much more positive attitude towards the utility of clickers if faculty encourage discussion and are able to get a large fraction of students discussing. Likewise, student attitude is also improved when students are actively participating in discussions with their peers, as opposed to being passive or working

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