The Pros And Cons Of Climate Change

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Climate change has been a problem in the world since the industrial revolution and has been denied by major corporations and the government for centuries. This is because most non-renewable resources are major industries (i.e. oil, electricity, water, etc.) and the world 's economy profits from these resources. The bulk of corporations prioritize their wealth over the condition of the Earth beneath them. Economic growth is important for the people, yes; it is how we develop as a society, but at what cost? The Earth takes the brunt of society 's success, and denying the inevitable will not stop it from occurring. In fact, denying climate change will only harm society and the Earth further; because by denying it, those who deny climate change are willingly aiding the damage and the danger climate change brings. Climate change is denied is due to the prioritization of business and the economy. Large corporations create their products with uncostly materials, in order to profit more, and those materials are more-often-than-not non-renewable resources or cause damage to the Earth. These corporations prefer to not be targeted with accusations of the unethical damage they are causing. Therefore, they create propaganda against climate change, they create doubt among their customers. It is considered a business tactic to create news surrounding issues, in order to distract the consumers from whatever controversial issue that is, or could be, affecting their sales. All of these
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