Argumentative Essay: Can We Stop Climate Change Real?

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Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns, which can last for an extended period of time, approximately decades to millions of years (Smith, 2015:1). This assignment will give out a clear information on; whether climate change is real and why, and also a clear discussion about its advantages and disadvantages, or negative and positive effects it can have around the world. Lastly, there will be a clear discussion about the causes of climate change and how to combat or stop climate change in the long run.
Climate change is real, as it is starting to affect the most poorest nowadays, it is already transforming life on earth. So, meanwhile our planet must still supply us with all living things such as plants; also with
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However climate change has done more good than harm so far and it is likely to continue doing so for most of this century (Gray, 2012:2). These is not a right thing, it is a consensus of expert opinion, yet almost nobody seems to know this. As discussed above, it has done more good than harm because it lowers energy costs, it leads to better agricultural yields, decreases droughts, and lastly it leads to a richer bio-diversity (Gray, 2012:2).
Moreover, it leads to a decline in winter mortality due to high temperatures, leads to an increased yield for crops such as wheat, sugar, beans and potatoes. It also leads to an expansion of tourists’ destinations, better grass yields for feeding livestock and the introduction of new crops (Gray, 2012:2). Even though it has done more good than harm, it is still not a good option as it has negative effects around the

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