Clinical Intervention Essay

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Grounds breaking scientific advances require complex and rigorous testing and investigation in laboratories and clinics. It is through research that we get all the possible answers about the safety and effectiveness of a new drug or a new therapy. Clinical trials are a branch from the research that helps answering the question about safety and benefits of a new intervention. Clinical trials should have more support from the government and the society since its main focus is to improve human health and his well-being leading eventually to the progress of the medical field and the economy of the country. When it comes to researches involving human subjects, grisly thoughts comes to mind remembering the unethical handling of human subjects participating…show more content…
They think the level of risks increase on patients especially because the one who are conducting the trials are the same as the ones who are being experimented. But what these people don’t know is that these ethical concepts are no longer acceptable. Nowadays researches won’t be conducted unless the participants are fully aware of the potential risks that they might encounter and they should be informed of the kind of treatment they will receive. Another important point is that the researcher should of course focus on making the experiment work no matter what, but his duty falls in the first place on taking care of the patients regardless the medical…show more content…
This is where the technology kicks in. advanced computers are being used during trials in order to deal with different kinds of problems such as calculating the right doses, finding the active ingredients or the possibilities of drug interactions which can lead to serious health problems and even death. A human mind can commit errors especially that he can’t be aware of all the side effects of the ingredients, this is why machines are very helpful and important in a research. This reliability on technology will help improving the infrastructure since it requires very developed and modern equipment in order to perform the researches with high precision. Research trials have always been a subject of conflict between nations in the old times. Each country seeks to be the leader in the medical field and it led to political conflicts: each side claims to be the one to have discovered the drug first. But with time, nations have learned to unit together in order to help with the medical progress and they realized that they can all benefit from this

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