The Pros And Cons Of Cloning

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Over the past century science has progressed rapidly. Since the beginning of time, humans have used science in everything. Today science plays a major factor in our lives. We are able to cure more illnesses than we could have centuries ago. Humans now can go to the moon or have organ transplants. A major revolution of science, for instance would be the variety of medicines that we have now that help with many illnesses that people could not have cured ages ago. Science plays a huge part in life as we know today. Many people believe that science has proven to have miraculous discoveries, but there are secrets that scientists use to corrupt the minds of others. The nonfiction article “Cloning of a Human,” written by Charles Q. Choi represents the way cloning can be a possibility in the near future. Cloning experiments started when Dolly the sheep was cloned and born, making people want to test on different animals other than a sheep and maybe humans as well. This could agitate people because they would have no idea they can be cloned and many people cannot accept the fact that science wants to go as far as cloning. With many scientists wanting to clone, it has in some states been banned. No one knows what to expect in the future of science and the possibility of cloning humans. Problems can occur by doing experiments and people do not think of the risk factors such as beliefs, ethics, and defects that play a role in the reproduction of cloning cells. Many scientists such as
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