The Pros And Cons Of Cloning

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I think that cloning is bad, because you can 't bring back animals personalities it can only bring back animals’ in physical form not mentally, it can neither improve society because of the amount of money cloning uses and when they do succeed the world may not have a stable economy and therefore have no use with clones, and it can be considered animal cruelty because of the amount of animals that die in the process. It cannot bring back a beloved pet’s personality nor save animals other that bring them back. As it states in the article `cloning animals pros and cons´ “Although your precious dog or cat has been brought to life, there is no guarantee that it will have the same personality as your lost loved one.”This means that cloned pets most likely will not have the same personalities. And that if your pet cat died, that it would only be the same physically“This process only clones the muscles, bones and genetic makeup of your favorite animal, but not its traits or personality says the arthur of the article. (his/her name will be arthur)¨ It would be as if that person got a new pet, not like the old one came back. Although it has the same muscles, bones and color. And if it was a trained animal, then you’d have to retrain the new one. Arthur says, ¨Many people would argue that cloning animals for the sole purpose of testing or monetary gain would be a gross exploitation of innocent creatures.¨ Even though , cloned animals are exact copies of an already living one, they

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