The Pros And Cons Of Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola is one of the world’s top beverage company that has thrived for many years. Coca-Cola created the top leading carbonated beverage and named it Coke. With the success of Coke, Coca-Cola decided it was time to make more flavors and offer new products. Coca-Cola has also expanded its products to bottled water and sparkling water when the demand consistently increased. Their creation of Dasani bottled water has improved the company’s profit level significantly. With the high need for replenishing drinks for athletes, Coca-Coca created PowerAde which is the competitive product to Gatorade. PowerAde damaged Gatorade’s sales by offering a great tasting sports drink at a lower cost. Coca-Cola’s main competitor is PepsiCo who makes Pepsi.…show more content…
The Coca-Cola scare occurred in Belgium and caused Coke a massive recall of products (Outbreak of Coca-Cola, 1999). Apparently, this outbreak hurt Coca-Cola majorly due to the harm it caused. Coca-Cola’s outbreak hurt many children in Belgium and other adults around the world. After the discovery in Belgium, many more countries followed with forcing Coke to recall their products. One country even went as far as to ban Coca-Cola products from their country. Apparently, not long after this contamination, a shipment of water distributed by Coke arrives in Poland carrying mold (Ferrell, Fraedrick, & Ferrell, 2015). The CEO should first create a plan to manage the quality of the product before distribution. Also, the CEO should hire a team of experts in every factory that handles the ingredients of their products to ensure that each ingredient is pure and safe. Next, the CEO should create a rebuilding advertisement campaign that displays how Coca-Cola either fixed or will fix their contamination issue. The next unethical allegation Coke faces are the allegation of racial discrimination. In 1999, over one thousand African American employees sued Coca-Cole for racial discrimination (Ferrell, Fraedrick, & Ferrell, 2015). Apparently, these allegations included unequal pay and unfair promotional
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