Pros And Cons Of Coeducational Schools

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Compare with girls, boys tend to be more rebellious and undisciplined. According to research: boys have higher rate of disciplinary problems and drug abuse than girls; boys drop out from schools more often than girls and boys attending and completing college education less than girls (Guarsco, page 5). Some researchers state that coed education model biases girls’ needs and actually harmed boys.(Guarsco, page 5). Boys and girls develop and learn in different ways, “sometimes [boys] find little relevancy in the curriculum, they become less motivated to learn the subject matter” (Ogden, page 36 ). Dr. Bruce Perry, a Houston neurologist, who advocates for trouble kids believes that “[in] the last two decades, the education system has become obsessed with a quantifiable and narrowly defined kind of academic success, and that myopic view is harming boys. Boys are biologically, developmentally and psychologically different from girls--and teachers need to learn how to bring…show more content…
In coed schools, girls always attempt become what they feel others expect them to be, so girls quickly lose their own (Ogden, page 39). There are massages around girls all the time that will make girls lose themselves, such as “be sexy, but not sexual; be honest, but do not hurt anyone’s feelings; be independent, but be nice; be smart, but not so smart that you threaten boys” (Ogden, page 38). These massages will make girls become male’s attractive and simple targets, rather than become independent and ambitious leaders. Some studies indicate that girls at schools with single-sex programs achieve higher learning, display more self-confidence and leadership skills and enter male-dominated fields at a higher rate (Guarisco, page 6). All these skills that girls have learned in single-sex schools will lead them to have a higher career
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