The Pros And Cons Of Cognitive Learning Theory

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In psychology world, there are many things of the world that psychologists may concern a lot and want to do research of it. No matter it is an old thing or new things. Of course, surely the most attractive things of their eyes, their vision is new things. It is because when they discovery some new things, the new things may look like a precious treasures that they want to body input and spent most of their time to find out the truth. In those multiple things, learning is one of the things that they may do the research or a study. So, let’s move on to the next part to know more about what is learning theory first. Learning theory is mean that a relatively stable change in behavior that happens as the end result of previous experience. (“Theories…show more content…
According to Oxford Learning, cognitive learning theory is the function which is based on how a personality developments and causes information. It rotates around many causes, including memory maintenance, problem-solving skills, and the perception of learned material and thoughts skills. (“What is the definition of “cognitive learning”?”). There are 3 steps of cognitive processes. “First one is observing. Second is categorizing. And the last one is forming generalizations about our environment.” (“Cognitive Learning Theory”). For instance, some of the students are learn better by watching, others by writing, others by listening, and others by doing. (“What is cognitive learning? What are some examples in how it is used?”). After knowing this and recognizing which students is from which side, a good quality teacher will catch these advances into account and be more efficiently send out the knowledge to the students. (“What is cognitive learning? What are some examples in how it is used?”). In this example, we can know that teacher may observation the students, and then start to categorize the ability of students. At last, using different method to teach the student after observation and categorizing. However, if the information which is wrong, it is hard to change the wrong information to the…show more content…
Observational learning is quickly to learn a new thing, but it is easy to make children learn the bad behaviors. And then, cognitive learning is a good theory of learning, but it is hard to change the wrong information to the people if the information is wrong. Also, we has been compare with classical conditioning and operant conditioning learning theory and the operant conditioning learning theory is better than the first one. So, the operant conditioning learning theory may become a best one of the 4 learning theory. (1,777
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