Community College Benefits

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College has educated our youth for many years. Carrying the legacy of providing success and economic wealth. As time has gone by, so have our morals. I will be stated how community college is a better alternative versus a four year regarding student fees, social statues, financial equity, and the flexibility. In today’s society college is seen as essential. Our parent have always pushed the saying, school is the only way to prosper in the world. Being told this at a very young age, we pushed the saying aside and continued to enjoy our childhood. As we go grade to grade, we pick up on new material which could be beneficial for our future. Finishing high school, as you wave your final goodbye to all your peers, walking across the stage holding…show more content…
It gives the power from working an average eleven dollars an hour job to being experienced in a field where a greater income can be earned. In order to achieve this wealth, college tests your ability on time management and being focused. The education system has set a required amount of limitation that must be surpassed. The more revenue you seek to make on a annual basis would determine the difficulty of classes that you will attend. In today’s society it’s seen as mandatory to attend college, not only just attend, but follow a major that will cause no financial stress in the long run. Going up all, this is all we were told. As were encouraged to gain a strong financial income, statutes is also involved. Hierarchy is a major factor when going to college. Hierarchy depends on what college you choose to attend as well as your major. Going straight into a four year university after high school will grant you the satisfaction of achieve a milestone rather than pursuing a community college. Community colleges are seen as a secondary high school for those that did not score proficient enough to join a university. Although many might see community college as an average school, but it gives you the ability to choose your major without being rushed. According to an article on Borderzine, it states “On average, college students change their major at least three times over the course of their…show more content…
This would be seen as a huge decision. Picking a major is not as simple as some might thing, many key components are involved. Annual revenue must be accounted for as well as social statues. Before any of that the choice must be made either attending a four year university or going to a community college. This battles have gone on for many years and many more to come. The perception of the education system make us think that a university is the only way to go but community college is a great alternative. Attending a four year university wouldn’t be seen as the easiest task. With the high tuition fees, a four year is unattainable for us. Although financial aid gives you some help but it only covers a small portion. Community college would be seen as more realistic than paying thousands on the same education. The argument that the teachers are better at a university might be true but with a huge class, making a concession would be difficult, to where as community colleges are smaller, you can form connections with your teacher and also your peers. The goal of going to college is to achieve a financially healthy lifestyle. This all lies in the employer hands. Even though a four university may have a higher advantage over a community, but transferring after two years in a four year will only show the employer that insitute you receive your diploma from. The education system manipulates our
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