The Pros And Cons Of Community Policing

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The United states and their police forces are doing the best they can to help keep the peace, but from bad publicity and less community policing they can barely hold on. Also anti-police movements of citizens who disagree with the force officer's use during arrests makes the officer's concern for safety even greater. However,the media will only report the negative sides of police and their duties they do everyday. Next the police are targeted by people and have been in the 60s and more recently in the past couple months. In the 1960s Police were targeted by the Black Panther party and had at least 13 planned killings of police that the authorities know of. That hasn't happened since then until the past few months where there have been race riots and killings of police. The media doesn't report those stories. They report the stories of police killing teenagers who are “defenseless”, but in reality are armed and dangerous. Police are killed everyday, even though it may not be through a race issue or a surprise attack it still happens and the media won't report the incidents when they happen. The Black Panther party was not all…show more content…
This helps out with public relations and will strengthen the trust in the police during dark times and times of need. Community policing can make better relations between the police and citizens of the area. We should focus on community policing because “Law enforcement agencies often suffer from image problems. At worst, the public views them as authoritarian and paramilitaristic, quick to use force, and slow to admit mistakes. At best, citizens do not really know their local law enforcement officers. Fortunately, law enforcement agencies can do something to change the public's perception of them while fighting crime through community partnerships.” (Holley,Fazalare
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