The Pros And Cons Of Compulsory Education

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As known, there is compulsory education in almost all countries which means after a specific age children must go a school to study. There is no another option for them. Whereas, if the goal ‘being educated’ people for going schools there should not be only one option because people cannot be educated just in schools by the way, education is not only for basic sciences, it does also include sporting and artistic activities. Unfortunately, teachers do not care about these activities that is why, compulsory education causes some psychological and also physical problems for students. There are two main issues in this case which are consist of standardized students and psychological pressure of exams, teachers etc.

To begin with, it should be noted that, almost in all schools, at the present, teachers apply standardized test systems. There is a thing should have considered: Are standardized tests make same students? Some searches demonstrate that these kind of tests and “standardized” logic are shaping the students having only one standpoint and view for classes and education life. (Dollinger, 2011) For instance; at schools, teachers regularly give same homework to every students in this case, the problem is all students are working on the same topic and teachers are waiting for correct and same answers to give them high mark which means the system are pushing students to write same things that is why, students cannot go out of red line. Their ideas are not important for

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