What Are The Pros And Cons Of Playing Computer Games

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Almost every child between the ages of 10 to 16 years has tried to play a computer game at least once. Video and computer games are pleasurable. After playing for a few hours, individual forgets about problems. People play for relaxation, pleasure, or just for fun. It 's great to play video games with friends. One can cooperate to fight against each other, explore the world of the game, and experience the feelings and thoughts of the protagonists. Some games can test the reactions to extreme actions.

Computer games give people a new and unique opportunity to travel to the world of fantasy. Previously, there was no way to go deeply into an unreal world and there have freedom of action. Interactivity gives computer games gives superiority over
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Usually, most of the information about the world human gets by sight, so the main contribution to the creation of presence gives computer graphics. Many players say that they merge with the character in half an hour of gaming. The player is still human; not surrounded by the room, but in a completely different world. One just feels it is his real life non-fiction - the real world.

At school, in the community and families often there are discussions about what is more in video games: harm or benefit? Today, many children are passionate about computers and computer games in particular. They are bored of parents taking all the action, and others deciding for him/her, and in the game they are no longer passive observers, and have the opportunity to actively influence the events of the virtual world. Unfortunately, parents do not really understand what this problem is and their own fault.

Further enhances the teenage computer game dependence the WAN , where the teenager is playing with real people, who he identifies as just the images for the game 's characters. Online player comes up with his character (himself), giving partners the game he invented. Awareness of infinite network, impunity and a large number of participants pushes teenagers to creating their own rules of organization, and to making decisions that are not relevant to real
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From this it follows that a person needs a certain extent of experience, to be prepared for the role of victim and the abuser. Therefore, it is possible that the experience of virtual violence in electronic games will be useful. Interestingly, the research of psychologists confirms the connection between violence in the game, and gender rights. Where boys are more interested in those aspects of the game as the struggle, confrontation, violence and related heroism (the hero, of course, man), and the possibility of a catastrophic outcome of the game. But the usefulness and beauty of the game, as well as the possibility of an interesting dialogue attract the girls. Nevertheless, computer game - it 's a great alternative to drugs, alcohol and other more harmful forms of

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